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The Krampus hits the Big Screen?!

Its Christmas season once again now and every year I wait for a cool unique new holiday movie to amaze me. Last year it was the awesome Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (which I recently watched and it was even better the second time around) and this year I am hoping to get a chance to see Dick Mass’ “Sint” if it gets a release here. But it seems every year I wait for someone to tell the creepy tale of The Krampus and it never happens!

Believe me an X-mas movie done tastefully about the Krampus would be quite a tale-but first if you don’t know the folklore of ol’ Krampa check out a blog I did a couple years ago to get acquainted with this Christmas creep.

So agreed the Krampus is quite a strange dude huh? A total holiday Hard Ass! But you can agree that a creepy x-mas movie would be awesome huh? My idea for a Krampus themed film would be almost like a “Home Alone” style movie, where the demon goes after the naughty kids on Christmas night until he meets his match with one naughty boy who gives the Krampus a beating that he will never forget Continue reading


Sint: New Holiday Horror Discovered!!

I was lucky enough to see the wonderful “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” this holiday season, a movie I ranted alot about here before I even saw it. It will be one that I’ll be purchasing on DVD as soon as it hits stores as it’s truelty a wonderful little christmas film. Well I also discovered another movie I missed out  on this holiday season, this one however may be a while to wait to see-It’s called “Sint” and it looks pretty damn bad ass…

This one is a Dutch film direceted by Dick Maas, who’s probably most well know here for his movie “The Shaft” which starred Naomi Watts, has now decided to take on not Santa Claus but his similar companion good ol’ jolly Saint Nick Continue reading

Holiday Horror is Back!!

I was deloighted to see the trailer and some clips today from an upcoming Holiday Horror movie entitled “Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale”. I have gotta say watching Christmas horror films are truely an amazing way to warm up to the holidays with your friends and some good christmas season ale. So it’s always a pleasure to welcome a new holiday horror movie into the Christmas season and this one looks like truely amazing stocking stuffer! Set to be released on Decemeber 3rd this movie’s got quite an awesome premise and just by the preview alone you can tell it’s gonna be ALOT of fun.

This Finnish movie, directed by Jalmari Helander is destined to be a holiday cult classic-check out the official synopsis: Continue reading