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The Predator Returns But Should Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Word has hit the street that The Predator will be back in a new movie called…um..well….The Predator! Yep, Shane Black who starred in the the original creature feature is set to direct this sequel and hopefully give fans what they’ve been craving for years. We’ve gotten one mediocre sequel, those ridiculous AVP movies and then Predators which pitted a band of humans against the aliens on a hunting planet. You know to be honest I kinda dug all of those movies, even the stupid AVP flicks but I’ll also be the first to say none of them come close the the awesomeness that was the first movie! One of my favorite monster movies of all time and for the record the first R-rated movie I ever snuck into. Let’s face it, the original Predator is one of the coolest monster movies ever and one of the best of the 1980’s…

So now it’s 2016, there’s again a new movie on the horizon and we all have to ask one question before proceeding: Should we get Arnold back for the next flick?!! That seems to be the question up for debate. We have the whole camp that says “no fucking way, he’s an old man why would you even think it’d be cool to see him running his old ass around fighting a Predator?” and then you have  people like me who say “of course you should get Arnold back as the legendary Dutch!” Yeah it’s not even a question, bring him back for the action. It makes sense that if there’s a problem again with those Aliens again here on earth you’re gonna get the guy who survived and killed one.

This does not mean that we need a repeat of Arnold going one on one against one of these creatures. We all know in hand to hand combat he could barely hold his own way back in 1987 so of course now he’d play perhaps a little different role. I think he’d be a perfect supporting character in a new flick, perhaps a new band of bad asses are heading out to take one down and they’re gonna need someone other than Danny Glover to help them take it out. I’m almost seeing a bit of an Expendables type thing happening here again too- get a rad team of older and younger action stars together. And well, that leaves you with Dutch, older, wiser and perhaps unwilling to help at first. It really all depends on the script but it’d be easy to write Arnie the perfect part as we all wonder whatever happened to his character anyway, at least I do!

Let’s all think for a second about it, what was the best part or one of the best parts of Star Wars: Force Awakens? Harrison Ford, hands down and in a way it was kind of his movie. Now think for a second Arnold being utilized in a new Predator flick in a similar way. Or like I had been hoping one of the original Ghostbusters starring in the rebooted new movie and training a team of new Ghostbusters to help him get the business back on the map. There’s no reason to reboot the Predator series and there’s no good reason why we shouldn’t give Arnold another chance with those ugly motherfuckers…


Can’t Wait For Machete 2? Check Out “BAD ASS”!

It makes me so very happy that at 68 years old Danny Trejo is finally getting the respect he deserves! He really hit the top thanks to Robert Rodriguez finally casting him in his most iconic role yet “Machete”. Now I also want to take this opportunity to ask Rodriguez what the hell he was thinking when he cast Adrien Brody as the lead in Predators? Think how more awesome that movie would have been had Trejo been cast as the lead instead of a side character that gets disposed of early on in the film. Hell I think it could’ve rivaled Arnold’s role!

So anyway I wanted to recommend a new Trejo film where he takes the front and center. “Bad Ass” was just released to DVD and it’s a helluva lotta fun! Now it’s no where near as epic as Machete but it does play as more of an awesome 1980’s style action flick. The story is very very loosely based on true events. This movie tells the story of a Veitnam vet who stands up for an elderly man (Trejo is considered a senior citizen also, the movie’s tag line is “They just messed with the wrong Senior Citizen” ) on the bus from two nasty foul mouthed neo-nazi’s. By stands up I mean, kicks ASS. Someone records it with their phone and Trejo soon is an internet sensation. This begins a string of events that pushes him, or should I say “Bad Ass”, as he is renamed that sets this vet on a rampage of full on butt kicking for the movies duration.

Yeah this movie is cheezy as hell and it knows it. It’s got a ton of great one liners, a high speed bus chase, Ron Perlman as a crooked mayor and lots of drinkin’ between the action scenes by Trejo. Hell Danny pretty much puts everyone in place in this one. Everything about this one a throwback to films like Commando & Rambo. It’s a bunch of dumb fun and a delight seeing Trejo deliver an ass whooping again and again…

Robert Rodriguez to Dirty Up Deadpool Movie?!

So here’s alittle good news for X-men fans, it seems that Robert Rodriguez, according to The Playlist is being considered to possibly direct the Deadpool spin off! Too bad we couldn’t have gotten him to direct the next Wolverine movie!!


I’ll say at first I was extremely pesimistic about the Deadpool movie, for the simple fact that it was a spin off of the steaming goliath of terd Wolverine solo film we were all subjected to endure. I had a feeling when the spin off was announced that it’d be even a bigger disappointment. Continue reading

No Arnold In Predators…..

Well the news has now officially come out that Arnold Schwarzengger will not be appearing afterall in the upcoming Predators film. It’s too bad after all the hype that was made about him reprising his role as Dutch that it seems that he was just too busy once again being Governor of California. Dammit Arnold you need to get your priorities straight! We’re talking about the Predator here!

For some reason you were able to make a cameo in “Around the World in 80 Days” though!!! What’s up with that?? Why the hell did you do that? How about this, just resign as governor already and start making some damn movies again! I thought you were supposed to make King Conan too? Now instead we’ve got a remake with some dude with dreadlocks that weighs like a 160 pounds!

Well at the very least we get to see him in The Expendables. However it’s been seen that Arnie has really let himself go in his older age, I guess unlike Sly Stallone not everyone is getting plastic surgery and taking growth hormones. I have also heard that Arnold may run for the Senate this year?! Bad bad move Arnold you need to postpone your politcal career and get in on these cameos dammit….

Predators Trailer Debut!!

Ok so today the official trailer for Predators is out! It looks pretty bad ass to me and I now I must say I can’t wait for the real film to hit! check it out!!

“The film stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they’ve been brought together on an alien planet… as prey. With the notable exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers – mercenaries, Yakuza, convicts, death squad members – human “predators” that are now being systematically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators.”

Official Sneak Peek of the PREDATORS Movie…

I just checked out the offical Predators movie website and they now have just posted a cool little featurette up about the movie with some bad ass clips and insight from Robert Rodriguez . It’s looking pretty awesome so far, much better than I expected and incredibly old school ala the original. No sign yet of Arnold, yet he is still rumoured to make a cameo near the end of the movie!

 There’s even a quick shot of what appear to be Predator hunting “dogs”. This will hold you over until the 18th when the official trailer is released! Check it out here!

Also check out the full report on the Predators trailer and Q&A with Rodriguez posted today from SXSW from one of my fav websites BloodyDisgusting.com!

Adrien Brody vs. The Predators!

The big news about the sequel to Predator is that they signed on a lead role in the film! Yeah it has been confirmed that Adrien Brody will be doing battle as the main character for “Predators”. I am not sure how I feel about this choice yet. It’s a big leap from Arnold but a much better choice than Danny Glover. I guess what we can expect is some better acting than the first two films. But does a Predator sequel really need a good actor? As much as I can’t picture Brody taking on the legendary aliens I’m not too sure who I would want to see cast in the role. Who from todays actors is a wise choice? Do we really need a modern day muscle bound action hero to make this film a worthy sequel? From what is have recently read it seems alot of people think it’s an unwise casting choice. what do you think? 


Arnold confrimed to appear in the new Predator sequel!

There were rumors flying a couple months ago all over the internet about the possibiltiy of Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in the upcoming  Robert Rodriquez produced  sequel “Predators”. Well now it has been officially confirmed that Arnold will indeed be  repirsing his role in a cameo as Dutch. This news was leaked via The Latino Review  (make sure to check this link and watch their video about the script) who aquired a 90 page script of the action movie. The script they claimed was  “Worthy of the original Predator”. They also confirmed  there is a cameo  written in for Schwarzenegger that will make fans go wild. Hopefully that means arnold has got a gigantic gun in his hands and telling people to get to the chopper! 


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Schwarzenegger to star in new Predator flick?!

I have just read some interesting news on one of my favorite websites Bloodydisgusting.com about good ol’ Arnold who’s been getting ALOT of attention here lately. Anyway it seems that Robert Rodriguez who is helming the new movie “Predators”  has been making calls and courting Schwarzenegger to return as “Dutch” in the new, now revealed sequel rather than a remake (thank god) . The only problem is Arnie ain’t calling back!

arnold gov

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‘Machete’ is on the way finally!!! PLUS more PREDATORS, MINUS ARNOLD….

Remember all those rad trailers at the beginning of  Tarantino & Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” double feature in 2007? Well I have just heard that filming for the “Machete” movie, based on the amazing fake trailer shown before the double feature is going to officially start filming in June in Austin, Texas. With Robert Rodriguez writing, directing and producing this one it’s sure to be another amazing, completely over the top film. Machete, a film about the blade- wielding antihero, features the legendary Danny Trejo as the title charcter. A Mexican ex-Federale with a knack for chopping up bad guys like sushi, masquerading as a day laborer, who’s double-crossed by a corrupt state senator. 

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