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Best Horror music video ever?! Enter “the number of the beast”!!!

Ok not only is this one of the best songs EVER but Iron Maiden is probably the BEST Metal band of all time!! So check out this classic horror themed video for “The Number of the Beast”. Not only do they pay tribute to the Wolfman but also Godzilla, Nosferatu and the Crimson Ghost. They also have the awesome giant sized “Eddie” up on stage with them which is downright creepy! So check this one out and let it get your blood pumpin’ for a rockin’ friday night!!!

Blind Guardian: the best fantasy metal band ever!!

Just in case you don’t know who this band is already check them out. I have been surprised to find out how many people actually have never heard them before. Blind Guardian has been around since the 80’s and this track “Otherland” from their latest album is one of my favorite tracks. Take a listen to power metal at it’s Best.