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Is Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’ Really Rooted in Racism?

It’s a hot topic here the past couple days surrounding the upcoming Netflix series ‘Iron Fist’ online. The series starring Finn Jones as the legendary kung fu playboy vigilante has come under fire for it’s supposed racist roots and just plain shitty all around reviews. It’s been slammed pretty hard by the critics calling it “boring” and “racially uncomfortable” with it’s white male lead. Apparently Finn Jones shut down his Twitter because of the online backlash from people who’re calling him out personally as part of the problem.

Now I’m not sure whether the show really sucks or not, I haven’t seen it. I’m curious to see if it’s indeed as bad as critics are saying or if perhaps this racial controversy is really the root of all the negative reviews. I thought the previews looked ok but the whole set up looks a bit too familiar. The problem seems that people are upset that the character, who is a white male in the original comic books, should have been recast and played by an Asian actor in the new series. Then it was stated that many were against the idea of a recast because having an Asian actor in the role of the “martial arts guy” played too strongly into racial stereotypes. A bit of a double edged sword it seems. Continue reading

Power Man and Iron Fist: Thunderbolts? WTF??

Marvel’s recent solicitations listed Thunderbolts #136 as”classified” but a recent image posted on former Lying in the Gutters gossip columnist, Rich Johnston’s new site bleedingcool.com shows what Marvel may be hiding until after herocon: Luke Cage and Iron Fist as new Thunderbolts members!


I don’t even know how to rationalize this. I love these guys, especially considering that they were comics’ first openly gay couple (back in the 1970’s), but this has to be a huge piece of misdirection. Luke and Danny have been members of the New Avengers for some time now, still fighting Cap’s exhausted Civil War battle. I can hardly imagine what could possibly cause…

…wait a minute…

I get it….(I think)

This is probably Norman’s Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Just like he has a Hawkeye, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel etc. Boy Marvel, you sure had me there! Any bets on which villains are posing as them? I’m thinking it’s a couple of guys from a crew that occasionally wreck some stuff.