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Clash of the Titans Kraken revealed!

Hey if you check out this link here at BloodyDisgusting.com you can see the new trailer (it’s not on youtube yet) for the Upcoming Clash of the Titans remake. Better yet you can finally see exactly what the legendary Kraken looks like! This movie is looking pretty amazing and this new footage keeps the hype level pretty high! Oh yeah and speaking of the Kraken and Clash of the Titans let’s not forget the awesome toy line that came out in 1980! This is on ebay right now too and if I had an extra $300 laying around I’d bid !  Amazing!!!

New Clash of the Titans Pics!!

I was on Empire Online today and saw some pretty cool images of the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans. I know, another remake RIGHT?!! Clash of the Titans was a classic so they better put some care into this film. What I have heard so far is that they are not paying any homage to Ray Harryhausen and his stop motion brilliance. Is this a good thing? My feeling is probably not since it will most likely be a CG shit fest! But the images which I’ve seen thus far actually look pretty damn cool. I have also read that this will be a much grittier film with Perseus being much more of a badass. The fate of this movie remains to be seen but what I always do welcome is another fanatsy film to look forward to until The Hobbit comes out! Hey if anyone can reccomend me a good one in the time being please do I’m all ears. What do you think of these new pics?

clash of the titans 2

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