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It’s Official Chris Evans is Cap!

Ok well, we really already kinda knew this but I just had to report for the Dork here that Chris Evans has officially been cast as Captain America. The wait is over thank god. That was getting mighty irritating! It’s kinda funny though how we end up with the guy from two of Marvel’s total shit films. Let’s face it the latest Fantastic Four films sucked big time. The Thing somehow looked better in the wretched 1994 Roger Corman flick that was never officially released. I must say too, I think I enjoyed Cormen’s Crapfest  better than the last two Fantastic Four movies. It’s actually good news that it’s getting a reboot.

So I will say though I am releived that these Captain America shenanigans are finally over, you’ve got to admit our American poster boy is quite the anti-climatic choice. Looks like Marvel really decided to save their money on Robert Downey Jr. afterall. There was a time when big names were rumored for the role- there was even talk of Will Smith playing Cap for cryin’ out loud! Well I’m not going to make anymore false judgements on this film until it comes out (ok well I probably will, but whatever-I’ll try not to!). All I have to really say is that even though Evans seems sufficient, after all the hype it’s a little disappointing and I really hope we don’t end up with “Crap-tain America” at the end of the day…