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Recent Ray Bradbury Mania!

It must just be by chance that recently I’ve gotten on a little Ray Bradbury kick. Sadly not in book form, but rather in the way of first, Ray Bradbury Theater which I recently found on dvd! What you never heard of Ray Bradbury Theater? Well it was kinda like Amazing Stories or The Twilight Zone and first came onto TV in 1985 as an HBO series.

If you do a little hunting you can find these all for pretty cheap and they are a pretty fun little late night watch Continue reading

Vampire Hunting with Tim Burton & Abraham Lincoln!

It appears that Tim Burton is getting ready to jump on the vampire bandwagon. It’s just been reproted that Burton and Timur Bekmambetov are developing an adaption of  Seth Grahame-Smith’s latest novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The novel is the story of Abe Lincoln who over the years becomes an expert axe throwing vampire slayer after his mother is murdered by the undead. It has always been said that Lincoln was a good brawler and this book and now movie are gonna take that to the next level as he delivers some serious smackdown on any blood sucker that dares step in his path.

 Burton and Bekmambetov also teamed up Continue reading

The Shining Sequel?!

Wow I just read that apparently Stephen King is considering penning a sequel to The Shining! My first thoughts were that this was a terrible idea and it really made no sense for him to do this other than a big paycheck. Since many have said that over the years he’s lost his touch, it made me wonder just how watered down this sequel would be or more so what it would be even be about? Well after an onstage interview at the Canon Theatre in Toronto, the Torontoist  had this to report on the book’s possible plot:

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