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Owen Wilson as Nomad in Captain America 2?! Maybe!

Wow did you hear the big news today about Captain America 2?!! Oh My GOD!!! Holy Shit!!! It’s official true believers!! Cap has got directors!! Two Brothers!! Nope NOT The Wachowski Brothers! No the………….Russo Brothers?!! The who?!

Wait these guys must be like totally underground, let me guess they helmed some super bad ass action flick that only a handful of ultra comic hipsters have seen?! No? Wait…wait a second…they aren’t the Russo Brothers as in the directors of “You, Me and Dupree” are they?! No….wait…yeah?!

Hmmm…um ok then, well Marvel you know what? You SURE know how to get the Hype machine oiled up and moving on this one! Can we at the very least please have Owen Wilson play the slacker super hero Jack Monroe aka “Nomad” to show up to crash on Captain America’s couch like he did in the 1980’s?

“Captain America 2: You, Me, Dupree & Nomad” Come on at least give us that to look forward too! If it happens folks and it’s actually not a bad idea, you gotta say you heard it here first 😉

Nomad was destined to fight the losers!

So Nomad, Captain America’s trusty sidekick from the 80’s, sure got involved fighting some losers in his time! Before he went up against The Slug who i profiled earlier he faced this Douche Bag named “MADCAP” in Captain America #307 and then again in issue #309. I am not sure if Madcap was supposed to be Marvel’s version of the Joker or what but what i do know is this idiot needed to get his ass kicked to the moon in a very bad way! This guys had probably the lamest costume of the 80’s and carried around a squirt gun that shot out bubbles that would make you go “mad”.


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World’s Lamest villains: The Slug!

So i would like to dedicate part of this blog to some of the worst, most god-awful, lamest, loser villains in comic book history! When you think Captain America you think of the Red Skull, Baron Zemo or maybe even Baron Blood right? WRONG. Enter “The Slug!”. This loser first appeared in Captain America #324 and then fully in #325.


Ulysses X. Lugman the crimelord / drug trafficker / ladie’s man from Miami weighs over a thousand pounds and can’t walk! Continue reading