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The Walking Dead Officially Filming!

Hell yeah! The news on the street is that Frank Darbont is offically finally filming the first 6 epsiodes of The Walking Dead as I type this! The best comic book series out there is, I guarantee it, going to become the best tv series ever. They couldn’t have found a better director either as Darabont knows how to give the tension the tv series will need to become a masterpiece. The Mist is good proof of what he can do, I mean quite honestly the cgi used in┬áthat film was pretty damn pathetic yet the acting and direction was so well done it made me forget how fake everything looked.

I also read on at Bloody Disgusting that Darabont is basing alot of the zombie action on the original Night of the Living Dead. Continue reading

George Romero’s “Survival of the Dead” Trailer released…

The new trailer for George Romero’s new Zombie flick has just been released to the world today-the only question is does anyone really care anymore? I have to be honest the last couple Romero Dead flicks weren’t very good. Land of the Dead was a big let down and I really don’t know too many people who thought it was anything more than passable. Diary of the Dead? Well that one just plain sucked. It made really think that perhaps George was done with the Zombie Genre for good.

Well that was definately not the case as we now have “Survival of the Dead” Continue reading

Best HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER? George Romero & The Misfits want in!

Hey I know alot of people dissed on second incarnation The Misfits with Michale Graves but you know what? I kinda liked them! Say what you will (like they suck complete bull frog butt wang) about the current line up of Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Robo but I have always kinda shamefully enjoyed the “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters” albums. I even saw them live once in 1997! Don’t get me wrong I think Jerry Only is a total douche, especially with his current line-up calling themselves the Misfits and Danzig (a douche as well) should just give in and give us a real Misfits tour already. Either way you see it i thought is was pretty cool that the Graves led Misfits made a video that was directed by horror legend George Romero for thier song “Scream”!! They also appeared in his crap-tastic movie “Bruiser”. Check this video out as it enters in the running for Universal Dork’s “Best Horror Themed Muisc Video” and goes up against Wacko Jacko’s “Thriller” which holds the numer one slot…

If you can think of any, please post some of your favorite Horror themed videos here too! We wanna see ’em!!