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Who was your Horror host?

Back in the 80’s when I was a kid living in the Fox Valley Wisconsin there was one show every weekend I was sure NOT to miss-Chiller Theater! This was an awesome show that showed some pretty terrible horror movies from the 60’s and 70’s mostly and if you were lucky maybe one from the 80’s occasionally. It was a local broadcast out of Green Bay Wisconsin and it’s host was none other than “Ned The Dead”.


I am not exactly sure why good ol’ Ned entered my mind this morning but just the thought of him brings back alot of great memories from my youth. I found some segements of him on youtube and then the memories really flushed back! Just the sound of his voice, his manic laughter and the sight of him in his broken down ticket booth was enough to put a smile on my face today. I wonder where these type of guys are now today? I heard Rumours that he’s back on TV in Wisconsin? Why doesn’t Portland have a “Chiller Theater”?  That is something that needs to change! Anyway it got me thinking about other areas of the country and anyone who checks this site-who were your local Horror Hosts?!