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Lady Gaga: The Mutant Spawn of Pinball’s CENTAUR!!

Ok well I just had to share this little bit of incredible info with everyone out there! I have figured out exactly where Lady Gaga comes from! Some people think that she’s from outer space and is an alien-CRAZY huh? No actually right on target! First off I have to say if any of you out there think Lady Gaga’s new album cover for “Born This Way” is original you all need to wake the hell up!

It’s totally clear what the hell has happened here ! If you are unaware of the 1981 Bally pinball game Centaur then you know where this is headed… Continue reading


Danzig’s new version of “Mother”!

We can all agree that today Danzig pretty much completely sucks right? He’s making some pretty awful music and refuses to give his fans what they really want-a damn Misfits reunion already!! Anyway check out this video remix of Danzig’s hit,”Mother”. Like Danzig recording the vocals after a drinking a case of beer and a few shots of whiskey, it’s pretty awesome….