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Morrissey’s & The Smiths Humble Beginnings: ‘England Is Mine’…

I’ve been a huge fan of ‘The Smiths’ for sooo long and to say they are one of the most influential bands of the 80’s isn’t something that’s up for debate. So I was completely surprised to find that there’s a movie that chronicles the life of the band’s iconic and always controversial frontman, Morrissey. Old news? Not to me! I’ve always been a bit curious about what make this guy tick and I’ve got high hopes for this cool looking little flick. Even more so I love the idea of seeing how The Smiths actually came together as a band and the introduction of the Moz to co-founder Johnny Marr.

People have been clamoring for the band to get back together since the late 80’s so who knows maybe the release of this movie could fan the flames? Arriving right on time, as Morrissey who’s had a strong solo career, is readying the release of his latest album “Low In High School” and The Smiths equally influential guitarist Johnny Marr has also got a new album on the way. If you’re a fan of dreamy alt brit pop of the 1980’s then “England is Mine” could be right up your alley. However…

That being said from what I understand it seems the movie is set during the period before he joined The Smiths and apparently doesn’t feature any of the band’s music. Though I’m still gonna check it out it kinda makes you wonder why they even did a move at all without the music. Perhaps it didn’t get the band’s seal of approval? Big time bummer, but who knows it might still be interesting to see his humble beginnings.

Whatever the case it’s a shame the movie for whatever reason skips the rise and fall of the band, because at this point I can’t imagine someone will be making another movie about the life and times of The Moz…the movie is available online to rent and will have an official dvd release in December. I’ll check it out soon and post a review…anyone seen this already?

Prince and Morrissey ROOKIE CARDS? I love 1991 Pro Set Musicards!

Back in the very early 90’s, an upstart sports card company was ruling the hobby. Pro Set Trading Cards Inc. started producing football cards in 1989 but by 1991, they were not only doing football, hockey, soccer and racing cards, they were also cranking out the greatest music cards of all time: MusiCards and Yo! MTV Raps.


These cards were awesome then and they’re even more awesome now. I remember buying these up trying to get the George Michael, MC Hammer and Faith No More cards when I was a kid. Some of the other artists that you can find in these sets are Iron Maiden, Morrissey, Prince ( UK set only), Michael Jackson ( UK set only), AC/DC, John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Hall & Oates, The Doors, Slick Rick, Digital Underground, De La Soul, Bell Biv Devoe, Janet Jackson, Public Enemy and The Clash! Check out some of them here:

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let the right one in

Ok, so this weekend on Valentine’s Day I saw “Let the Right One In” finally on the big screen (I know I should have seen it sooner but there was a snow storm in Portland and unlike Wisconsin, they have no clue how to plow their damn roads! Sorry PDX but you guys are weak ass snow drivers!). I have been wondering if the title came from one of my favorite musical artists of all time, Morrissey. I would say the answer if yes but I guess that remains to be seen. This movie was definately something special as it left you with that lingering and unsettling feeling that will be left with you for days.

This Swedish film is not your average vampire flick to say the least. It mainly revolves around an odd 12 year old boy by the name of Oskar who’s in a constant struggle with a group of bullies from his school. He spends much of his time alone plotting revenge, stabbing a knife into a tree at his apartment complex and reciting the final words of their demise. One cold evening he meets a strange girl named “Eli” who is standing on the snow covered jungle gym at the complex. You can tell as she first leaps to the ground that there is definately more to her than meets the eye.

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