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C’mon People this Halloween Give the 90’s MISFITS Another Chance!

It’s Halloween….TOMORROW! The time of the year has never been more ripe than now to be cranking one of my favorite bands of all time..The Misfits! Yes I’ve been playing the shit out of the classic Danzig Fronted Misfits albums but I’m also giving the 1990’s Michale Graves version of the band some play as well!

I get it, I get it, The Misfits will always really be with Glenn at the forefront but come one, the 90’s Misfits deserve some cred too! They released two super fun horror punk albums “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters”, with a compilation called Cuts from the Crypt as well.

Ok so they aren’t lyrically as vicious or evil as the Glenn stuff but who can resist cheezy songs about 80’s flicks like Pumpkinhead, Poltergiest and weird obscure 80’s horror like Boxing Helena and Hell night from 1981?

Hell they even appeared in the George Romero movie “Bruiser” (ok yeah so that movie kinda sucked but still!) and also had Romero direct their video for the song “Scream” and also had the legendary Basil Gogos of Famous Monsters magazine & Pushead do their cover art!

Anyway 2015 marks 20 years since this version of the band formed way back in 1995. I saw them in 1997 and well as much as I kinda wanted to diss them they were pretty great live…

So bitch all you want  about The current version of The Misfits fronted by Jerry Only but how about this year giving the classic Misfits the usual play and also adding the 90’s ‘Fits to the mix! It’s been 20 years now..get over it people! Crank this shit!

We Can Never Go Home: Classic Punk Rock Variant Covers!

I had to put up some of these awesome variant covers for one of my favorite comic books out on the scene right now- We Can Never Go Home. Being a big fan of classic punk rock I can’t say enough about how cool these are. If you haven’t checked out the book yet it’s a super fun read and set back in the 1980s. They’ve been doing some various variant covers in the theme of classic 80’s punk rock album cover. Here’s are the comic book covers along with the  album covers they’re based on! Get this book from Black Mask Studios and yeah if you haven’t already – get these albums!!

Comic Book Cover of the Week: Back Before The X-Men Sold Out…

There was a time back in the 1980’s that the X-men were the coolest thing in the entire world! They were like mutant misfit punk rockers and and growing up they were the unique team that you felt you were part of. Today the X-men are fuckin’ corporate whores with like a dozen different titles, huge blockbuster movies and cartoons. They’re still swell guys but they don’t have that dangerous charm to them that they did back in the eighties. They didn’t fit in and because of that they were cool. It was an era of the team that simply can’t be recaptured. They weren’t the Avengers, they were a tight knit family with a lot of problems that you could relate to especially as a teen. The main reasons why they were so awesome during this era was direct result of Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr.  Here’s an awesome cover Romita did during that very special time and this one still to this day remains iconic to me and my eleven year old self. This was back when wolverine wasn’t a pretty boy, he was mean and dangerous!

Halloween is around the corner!!

Halloween has gotta be the best holiday ever! I mean what’s better than dressiing up as whatever you want for one night? Watching scary movies?? Eating candy? Scaring people and small children?! It’s no wonder that the one of the best bands ever wrote one of the best punk songs about it! The Misfits embody everything great about this holiday and Iam not talking about Jerry Only and his Misfits cover band he tours around as now. Check out this cool video from the early 80’s where The Misfits perfrom this classic. It’s time to get pumped for hallowwen 2009!

Best HORROR MUSIC VIDEO EVER? George Romero & The Misfits want in!

Hey I know alot of people dissed on second incarnation The Misfits with Michale Graves but you know what? I kinda liked them! Say what you will (like they suck complete bull frog butt wang) about the current line up of Jerry Only, Dez Cadena and Robo but I have always kinda shamefully enjoyed the “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters” albums. I even saw them live once in 1997! Don’t get me wrong I think Jerry Only is a total douche, especially with his current line-up calling themselves the Misfits and Danzig (a douche as well) should just give in and give us a real Misfits tour already. Either way you see it i thought is was pretty cool that the Graves led Misfits made a video that was directed by horror legend George Romero for thier song “Scream”!! They also appeared in his crap-tastic movie “Bruiser”. Check this video out as it enters in the running for Universal Dork’s “Best Horror Themed Muisc Video” and goes up against Wacko Jacko’s “Thriller” which holds the numer one slot…

If you can think of any, please post some of your favorite Horror themed videos here too! We wanna see ’em!!