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Metallica’s Master of Sock Puppets Will Kick Your Ass!

So maybe Metallica doesn’t rock quite a shard as they used to these days, they’ve got a new album coming out and right now I’ve got mixed feelings about the new material. Maybe their day has long past them..maybe not….but while pondering this….lets take a look ¬†at”Lintallica” the all sock puppet version of the legendary metal band. Now these guys are a totally different story, sure they’re a tribute band but god damn if they don’t deliver the fuckin’ rock like it’s 1983! Check these dudes out-they’ve this shit down!!!

In the same breath, I actually dig one of the new Metallica songs they released. I wasn’t feeling “Hard Wired to Self Destruct”, the lyrics just felt too cheezy and Hetfield’s vocals still kinda bothered me. This one though I gotta admit is pretty damn good! Though it’s still got nothing on Lintallica!!!

World’s Greatest Puppet Themed Videos!! Metal Puppets RULE!

As the ongoing search for the world’s best damn puppet videos continues we’ve got a new treasure to add to the list! This could be one of the best ones yet! A song called “Buffoun¬†Bloody Buffoun” by ex-King Diamond fronted goth metal band Notre Dame. This one’s really got it all-ALOT of mother fuckin’ puppet masters and their puppets acting like a bunch of damn maniacs! How can you go wrong? check out this late 90’s vid-and thanks again TJ for the recommendation!!