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Comic Cover of the Week: Barry Windsor Smith’s Post Punk X-men!

Simplicity often times is the best strategy for constructing an amazing comic book cover. Also having the artistic charm and skill of icon Barry Windsor Smith definitely helps too! Well here today I am featuring one of my favorites from Barry, a simple bad ass line-up of everyone’s favorite webhead and the X-men back in the 80s when the characters had a sort of punk rock weirdo mystique to them. Check out Marvel Team Up #150 from 1985, bsck when the X-men still had an edge and life was a bit simpler…


Comic Book Cover of the Week: Man-Thing Consumes Spider-man!

Man do I miss those old Marvel Team Ups!! That’s why this weeks Cover of the Week comes straight from that series awesome Man-Thing and Spider-man team up! Issue #122 was always one of my favorites as a kid, I mean what’s not to love about this bizarre comic book cover?! Spider-man is literally trapped inside the Man-Things squishy gross ass body! Loving monsters as much as I do this cover is still one of my faves by Hannigan & Al Milgrom!

Marvel Team-Up 122

Comic Book Cover of the Week! The Strangest Team-Up of All Time??




Yep I had to share this weird ass little team up way back from January 1984-yeah it’s NOT a hoax! This is a team up of Franklin Richards and Aunt May!! As far as covers go you don’t get much more epic than THIS! Right? Yeah well Peter Parker and The Fantastic Four thought it was a good idea to leave Franklin alone at the circus with Aunt May and fortunately it resulted in a bizarre team-up against Galactus! Yep Galactus accidentally transforms good ol’ Aunt May into a Herald! Better yet she names herself “The Golden Oldie”!! This was part of the “Assistant Editors” month at Marvel, back in the day when reading Marvel comics was a helluva lot more fun (and cheaper) than it is today! Basically the normal editor went on vacation for a month and it brought on a slew of ridiculous stories…ahhh…the good ol’ days are tuly missed…