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Comic Book Cover of the Week!

Here we have on of my favorite comic book covers and annuals, Incredible Hulk Annual #15! This one not only has a beautifully drawn cover by Mike Zeck, who really didn’t dabble much in the Hulk territory very often, if at all  but it also is one helluva great issue of  non stop action! This time around the Abomination is not quite feeling himself as his body has been taken over by the spirit of Tyrannus! It’s also during the time when The Hulk was gray again back in the mid 80’s. The inside is incredibly drawn by Hulk legend Sal Buscema, and this issue features some of his best Hulk art ever…

The 1980 Incredible Hulk Portfolio Must be Mine Again!

Way back in 1980 I had the coolest pictures of the Hulk ever! They came in the Marvel Super Hero Portfolio collection and one of the collections was based entirely on ol’ jade jaws himself!! I just ran across these on Ebay while searching for vintage super hero t-shirts and stuff and it was like a blast back in time!

So naturally it’s bidding time and actually they are not pricey at all. I thought I’d share these amazing pics here for anyone who’s never seen these awesome painting by Fastner & Larsen who also did an amazing Spider-Mna portfolio as well! Check these bad boys out! 

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