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Disney to Buy Marvel Entertainment…? Who da thunk it?

Well, I am sure all of you up to date dorks out there have heard the big buzz…Disney to buy Marvel Comics…for a mere $4 Billion! When I first got the news that it looked like things were official, I have a wave of different emotions. First, joy, think of Marvel with that type of dollar backing and resources. Think of the animated films with the Pixar studios at its disposal. The sky is the limits when you have that deep of pockets…wow think of all the great Marvel movies to come out of this relationship. Marvel motion picture releases could go on forever! Second, fear, what if there are some really weird demands that Disney makes on Marvel. What if they get behind the wheel of the Marvel van and drive it like a drunken 90 year old grandma on roids…crap. Lastly, calm, Disney is a large company with vision. They have seen what is possible with Marvel and I have to rest my weary head on common sense.

What do you think will come of this new found friendship?

Disney and Marvel

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