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Bryan Singer gets the Itch for X-Men Again!

Today I just read some rumors going around that Bryan Singer may be in talks to direct another X-men or X-men related movie! I hope that these rumors turn out to be a reality because  X-men 3  and Wolverine were less than impressive movies. It actually made me mad when I heard Singer bowed out of X-men 3 to make Superman Returns. Really you choose Superman over the X-Men?!! Are you mad?!! Then I became even more upset when I heard he turned down the solo Wolverine movie, which had to easily be one of the worst superhero movies ever made. I personally rather melt my brain by wacthing the wretched Nick Cage “Ghost Rider” than sit through the steaming terd that Wolverine was.    


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Mentally challenged magneto defeated….by a wooden gun!!

Yes! Mentally Challenged Magneto is BACK! Yeah he’s back alright and more mentally challenged than ever! This scene occurs near the end of the “Menace of Magneto” Fantastic Four cartoon. After a very un-epic battle with Reed Richards a gun is pulled on Magneto. Yeah ol’ Magneto is still really into talking in third person and narrating what he is going to doing in battle before he does it to his enemies! The clencher here is when Magneto learns he cannot control the gun that is pointed at him! He immediately assumes that all his magnetic power is lost for good-and admits he basically is a total hack with out it! Then when Richards tells him that the gun is made of wood & Magneto CONTINUES to give up surrendering to the police rather than kicking some major ass with his magnetic powers! The best line is at the very end as Magneto is taken away by the police as he admits defeat! What are you waiting for? Go hunt down this epic cartoon already!!

Mentally challenged magneto!!!

Here we have perhaps the greatest cartoon of all time!! The Menace of  Magneto!! This episode from the Fantastic Four series w/ Herbie the Robot  is one of my all time favorites. I own this on VHS and have watched this, shown it to friends a million times and it NEVER disappoints! There is clearly something very wrong with Magneto on this particular afternoon! The first clue is that damn ridiculous car he’s driving around!! Is that the best he could do for a vehicle?!

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