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Tobey Maguire to star as Bilbo Baggins?!

Rumors are flying today as several sources like Cinematical.com and Britain’s The Sun are saying that Tobey Maguire has signed on as the lead in Guillermo del Toro’s The Hobbit!  According to Cinematical.com “AMC Entertainment blogger John Campea recently tweeted that someone close to production has leaked the same news to him. He said, “I have been personally told by a source very close to Guillermo del Toro that it’s true… Tobey Maguire IS The Hobbit.”

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Have you ever seen “strings”?

About a week ago I was out for a drink with a friend and I saw a portion of a movie they were projecting that literally blew my mind! It’s a movie called Strings and it was released in 2004. Somehow I’ve never heard of it until now and when seeing this onscreen in the bar I was convinced it had to be some obscure 80’s fantasy movie that slipped through my fingers. Now keep in mind I have never seen this whole movie all the way through only viewing a portion of it with no sound either just music being played in the background. All I can say is that it looked pretty bizarre and truely fascinating. Plus I am a huge puppet fanatic so right away I knew it was a must see.I put this in my queue a few minutes ago and am pretty excited to really see what this is all about. The trailer looks pretty epic-check it out! If you have already seen it let us know what you think! 


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Finally a recent Fantasy movie that didn’t suck!

Just the other evening I took a gamble on renting a new movie called “Wolf Hound”. On the cover it said “Conan the Barbarian meets Lord of The Rings” and with nothing else that looked vaguely interesting I decided to reluctantly beleive what the cover was telling me. Now I’ve taken many chances on recent fantasy movies and been let down hard! Usually they are wretched movies with bad acting, terrible costumes, horrid CG sets and even worse looking CG monsters! For instance the recent movie “Outlander” had alot of potential until the creature finally shows itself on screen and ruins the entire movie. So I had pretty low expectations of Wolf Hound.


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Harry Potter as The Hobbit?

Rumors are flying that Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe is up for the role of Bilbo Baggins.  Thank god it’s not Justin Timberlake! From what I read at The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex blog, he’s one of several actors being considered in Guillermo del Toro’s “Hobbit” to play the lead. James McAvoy (“Wanted”) is also apparently in the running as well.

daniel_radcliffe_99@Hey Potter put some clothes on you’re making Shadowfax nervous!

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The Hunt for Gollum!

I know this has got a pretty big buzz going on around it right now but I decided to post it anyway. I still can’t beleive this was made for only $5,000.00! Can that really be? Anyway I have just started watching it about 10 minutes ago and so far it’s pretty rad! So check this out and let me know what you think of it! I’ll let you know my full opinion after I finish! Man, I cannot WAIT for The Hobbit!! But for now this will just have to suffice!!

Santa Claus meets Lord of the Rings?

So before we get too far away from Christmas time i just HAD to throw some mad props up to this rad vhs tape i found this year called “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus” at the local Goodwill.


I am huge fan of the stop motion Christmas adventures-“Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” had been my all time favorite until this year. I could tell when i found this vhs tape that i was in for a treat! It too was made by Ranki/Bass in 1985 and was written by Wizard of Oz creator L. Frank Baum. Basically it’s a story of how Santa Claus came to be. You’d never know Santa had such an awesome upbringing.

In this story he is raised in the magical forest of Burzee by a group of immortal wizards and fairies. However as he gets older he gets sent out into the mortal world to spread joy to the world with his weird annoying elven buddy Tingler and his tiger Sheagra. Once there however things get difficult for ol’ Santa. After making some toys for some local children his plans are thwarted by a group of beastly, toy hatin’, Orc like monsters who can turn invisible at will. So Santa goes to war with the help of his wizard buddies in a battle for Christmas. Yeah it’s pretty epic and by far the BEST Christmas adventure of all time. So next year try and find this little gem maybe they’ll release it on DVD or even better maybe Peter Jackson could make this one into a live action movie!