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There Will Be NO Wolverine Movie Sequel!! Yay!

Wow now here’s some good news out there for all of you people who actually love the character, Wolverine. It has been confirmed by Darren Aronofsky that the upcoming Wolverine movie he is directing will NOT be a sequel to that god awful pile of  flaming horseshit we were delivered a couple years back entitled X-men Origins: Wolverine he tells Hitfix. Instead this movie will be an entity entirely of its own. 

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Let’s not forget what Sabretooth looks like….

I know all I really do is just bitch about comic book movies! Yeah I am never quite satisfied with the decisions people make for the movie versions of my favorite comic books. I loved The Dark Knight movie this last year and Loved Heath Ledger in it. But I still don’t see him as the Joker I have known to love my entire life. Well I know everyone has seen the previews for the new “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and you know what? It looks pretty damn rad! I will probably totally love this movie but one thing I know I don’t love is the way Leiv Schrieber looks as his iconic arch nemesis “Sabretooth”.


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