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Rob Liefeld = The modern Jack Kirby?

I know this may come a little late for some universaldork readers but since I just stumbled across this, I felt it worthy of my reporting time because not only does it bring up a very serious comic book industry issue for me (more on this later), it’s absolutely fucking bananas and makes me feel even more like

Robert Kirkman is full of shit.

105 - Robert Kirkman, Greg Pak, Rob Liefeld, Jeff Parker

First off, Kirkman’s bizarrely confrontational stance here really bothers me. Why does he need to come protect Liefeld from the school bully that is the comic book message boards? In WIZARD, no less!? Two possibilities here:

A. He genuinely believes this b.s. or

B. Image put him up to this.

Unfortunately, I have to go with A, because at the time of this little editorial, Liefeld wasn’t exclusive to Image and in fact was hard at work on the very forgettable Onslaught: Reborn for Marvel. For those who didn’t click on the link, here are a few gems from the commentary:

“But Rob – who else could you compare to Jack? Rob has the same energy on his pages…”

No. No he doesn’t. What’s being mistaken for “energy” is the ability to cause the brain to work overtime in order to accurately understand what dimension what object is coming from.

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