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Kick-Ass trailer finally Released!

I have been waiting for quite sometime for the KICK-ASS trailer to be released and today it finally was! So far this is looking like it could be a good movie rendition as long as they don’t skip on the grit and violence of the amazing comic book. Then again you can never really be too trusting of anything that stars Nicholas Cage these days! Check this out and let us know what you think! They got the opening scene of the comic book done pretty damn perfectly….

Kick-Ass movie posters revealed!

I read an article at Ign.com today about the Kick-Ass the movie and the new movie posters! I am so damn excited about this movie I can’t even put it into words. If you have ever read the comic book then you totally understand why. It’s one of the best comics I have ever read and sadly one of the quickest reads too. I have always wondered what it would be like in the world if we had real life superheroes and I’m not talking about those guys that walk around the streets in costume giving food to homeless people. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good deed but I am talking about real life masked crime fighters. Well as you probably already know this book answers that question in a world where nobody has super powers. Hopefully the movie won’t be a watered down Hollywood version of the the comic. Anyway here’s one of the posters. Ign has a cool article there about the movie and three more versions of the posters.

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There is a phenomenon sweeping the world right now. One that should have happened many years ago-REAL LIFE SUPER HEROES!!! I have thought for years that superheroes didn’t exist but this last weekend i found out how wrong I truely was when I stumbled upon worldsuperheroregistry.com. It turns out there are a whole slew of superheroes out on the scene patrolling our streets. Whether or not they are anything like Batman or Daredevil remains to be seen-but they are out there! Perhaps it was the recent success of Mark Millar’s KICK-ASS which has got the normal Joe donning the spandex? Or maybe the loads of superhero movies in the past years? Either way It was nice to find out that out on our dangerous streets at night you will feel perhaps just a little more safe knowing that these guys are watching out for your safety check it out!