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New “Friday The 13th” Sequel Drops?!!

Yowza!! In cased you missed it yesterday or perhaps didn’t even know this was a real thing, there’s an amaaaaazzing fan flick that recently dropped that’s quite honestly on par with and maybe even better than some of the sequels of the original franchise of the 80’s.

Jason Voorhees fans all over are praising this 53 minute fan film and some even saying their considering it cannon. Funded through Kickstarter, Director Vincente Disanti has done a spectacular job showing Hollywood how to approach the franchise in the future, watch as well for a classic character from the past to really turn the whole thing upside down!


Rock the F*#k Out With Jason on this Friday The 13th!!

Hey you! Here’s a couple songs to celebrate this unofficial holiday of Friday the 13th!! It’s the second best spooky holiday to Halloween for cryin’ out loud so it’s time get serious about celebrating!

One of my favorite modern videos indeed does feature Jason in quite an awesome way-if you haven’t already check out The Menzingers “I Don’t Wanna be an Asshole Anymore” as Jason tries his best to clean up his act!

Oh but wait you want a more classic era? Let’s not forget good ol’ Alice Cooper’s classic “He’s Back”! This is the perfect song to jam after a few beers tonight!! Just to don’t get too drunk cuz Jason just might getcha!!





Get Ready To Dig Up the Hatchet!

If you didn’t already know this Hatchet was one of the best horror flicks of 2006. It got critical acclaim from nearly every horror website (almost a little overboard though if you ask me) and it’s villain Victor Crowley has been compared to such icons as Freddy Krueger  and Michael Myers. Now I’m not sure he deserves that much praise yet but the film’s director Adam Green sure deserves props for casting Friday the 13th’s Kane Hodder(Jason) as the big deformed Hillbilly.

 As mush as I dug the first Hatchet I can’t say it had too much in the originality category, it’s story was pretty standard but it had one thing going for it-great old school gore Continue reading