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The Retro “JUSTICE LEAGUE” Movie I Wish was a Reality!

The Snyder cut Justice League movie is I guess all the rage for the HBO Max, but to me I think it looks like more bad DCEU stuff that’s not aging well! Luckily for me someone decided to make this cool retro trailer for the Justice league, featuring some of my favorite faces from the past! This one is a ton of fun and I wish it was the movie they were premiering! I’d be signed up for sure! So maybe in the mulitverse alternate reality this is a real thing?!! 

The New Batmobile: The Verdict is In!

Today we get a picture of the latest Batmobile for the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman flick. I’m going to say this, to be honest I wasn’t a fan of the Nolan Batmobile and to me this new version looks like it’s on a similar path. These military style combat machines just don’t register for me as a “Batmobile” in any way shape or form. I’m not a fan of Batman crusin’ around in some sort of fast moving tank. To me the Batmobile should be a sleek, fast and powerful vehicle. I know it’s considered cheezy now but I really liked the original from the 1960’s, now that was bad ass! I’m not saying Batman should go retro, though honestly that would be pretty cool if Batman actually had cool style and decided he was going to drive something more classic. Instead of something that looks like it’s headed to War in Iraq.

Not the case in 2014, nope Batman has got one thing in mind, killing people with his huge fucking guns he’s got mounted on his hulking beast of a road machine! I’m a little doubtful of this movie honestly, I’m not a big fan of Zack Snyder to tell you the truth. His movies in my opinion don’t age well and though he’s got good intentions I believe, I think his whole “dark”, “gloomy” & “gritty” approach and look is a bit dated already. The whole “emo dude” Superman didn’t work for me either. I’m not certain DC is gonna have the same success as Marvel with this universe they are trying to create. Time will tell I guess but in the meantime here’s a coupla’ Batmobiles I personally dig….

If Batman was actually a cool guy he’d have this one out on the streets!


The Classic is still amazing…




Ben Affleck is the New BATMAN?!

Yep-seems that we have a new Batman again, not the perfect choice of Joseph Gordon Levitt but Ben Affleck as USA Today has just reported! Not sure what to think about this, I suppose Affleck has gotten to be better through the years. Somehow though I just can’t erase that wretched Daredevil flick from 2003 from my mind! I can’t say I’m thrilled but everyone deserves a chance at redemption right?! Ok Ben, don’t fuck this one up!!!


Ok, though let’s NOT forget this bullshit though ok?

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! The greatest Cartoon Brawls Part 4!

Yeah it’s fighting time again here at Universal Dork! Today we have a great cartoon fight between Superman and Solomon Grundy! This One comes from the awesome Justice League cartoon. I always enjoyed them because they were always so well animated. It kinda gets me pumped about the possibiltiy of a Justice League movie! 

It’s always nice to see good ol’ Supes brawling the bad guys at least the ones who can actually put up a fight-as you can see in this epic cartoon battle Solomon Grundy is no push over!