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My Vote Goes for a Paul Rudd Ant-Man!

I had to get this in before the final verdict on the casting of Ant-Man was officially chosen, anyway it seems we have two choices for the role, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Paul Rudd. First I’ve gotta say I hope whoever they chose they dye their hair blonde! Call me a comic purist, but it’d make it feel more like Hank Pym as he’s always been a blonde even in The Ultimates.


So to me, of these two choices I feel like the role should be Rudd’s, as he’d fit nicely with Edgar Wright’s version of the hero or at least what I imagine. Also though Gordon Levitt should be a superhero-he SHOULD be Batman dammit, he doesn’t at all resonate as a Hank Pym to me.


Rudd is a good choice, he can play cocky asshole and frankly he’d be a breath of fresh air in the role and to The Avengers. I say whatever, just get Giant-Man up on the big screen already-Ant-Man is cool but Giant-Man really rounds out the Avengers and is quite honestly one of the most cinematic things about The Ultimates!!



Ben Affleck is the New BATMAN?!

Yep-seems that we have a new Batman again, not the perfect choice of Joseph Gordon Levitt but Ben Affleck as USA Today has just reported! Not sure what to think about this, I suppose Affleck has gotten to be better through the years. Somehow though I just can’t erase that wretched Daredevil flick from 2003 from my mind! I can’t say I’m thrilled but everyone deserves a chance at redemption right?! Ok Ben, don’t fuck this one up!!!


Ok, though let’s NOT forget this bullshit though ok?