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Marilyn Manson on LOST!

So here we are just one episode away from the grand finale of LOST!! I never thought we’d ever be this close to the end of the series. It’s been a good run so far this season but I’m seriously hoping that the ending is seriously epic and that it will be something we will be talking about for months. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to all of the crew, Hurley, Jack (whom I have grown to love), Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun and most of all Locke! I have said it for a long time, ever since the beginning actually that Locke was the most important and intriguing character on the entire show. But now we all wonder how long Locke has been the real Locke, if the real Locke will indeed return and most of all his significance to the entire show. Anyway I today just ran across a picture painted of Locke by none other than everybody’s fav shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Now I’m not a huge fan of Manson’s music but I have always found him to be quite interesting to say the least. Who would have thought he too was such a big LOST fan and even more so loved Locke so much that he painted a portrait of him!!

3-D Bloody RULES!!!

Yesterday i went to see the brand spankin’ new remake of “My Bloody Valentine” in 3-D and i must say it was worth every penny. i must admit though i have never actually seen the original version of the movie-but i do intend to. The plot is pretty simple, coal miner Harry Warden is trapped in a tragic mining accident and ends up being the only survivor winding up in a coma as a result of it. A year later he awakens on Valentine’s Day and slaughters 2 dozen people as he makes his escape from the hospital only to be “killed” by two local police officers. Fast forward 10 years and the killer is supposedly back in the small town of Harmony (where this all took place originally), dressed as a masked miner, armed with a pick axe and ready to do some damage.

Oh yeah, the only thing that really sucked about this movie was all the flying glass that i had to pull out of my skin afterwards…
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