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Camp Hell…Starring Jesse Eisenberg…Kinda…

I am pretty open to watching nearly any horror movie good or bad and I had relatively low expectations for the newly released on DVD film “Camp Hell”. It had some promising elements in it as it took place at a Christian summer camp and supposedly involved demons showing up to wreck havoc on the kids. However that was not quite the case here with this one which also boasted to be based on true events. But first things first, the movies cover has a gigantic picture of Jesse Eisenberg’s (The Social Network, Zombieland) head on the cover and solely his name above the movie’s title. Meaning this one was jam packed with fan favorite Eisenberg……WRONG!!! That’s actually the most funny thing about this movie-he actually only appears in this movie for roughly two god damn minutes! I mean check out this cover below-you can’t possibly get his head any larger on the damn movie cover!

So if you’re a fan of ol’ Jesse you won’t be getting your fix here! But anyway the movie revolves around a boy who’s wacko Christian extremist parents send him off to a wacko Christian extremist camp where the priests there think comic books, rock music, wackin’ off and making out with girls will send you straight to the hot fire pits of Hell! Continue reading

From adventureland to Zombieland!

Remember when Woody Harrelson attacked that papparazzi guy and then said that it was because he thought that dude was a zombie? Well the official trailer for the movie he was filming, Zombieland, can finally be seen! As far as zombie movies go I have said before that they’ve been beat pretty heavily into the dirt since the arrival of “28 Days Later” which started the whole craze like never before years ago. Hey we got some good zombie flicks since then haven’t we? I guess also you could say “Shaun of the Dead” really got the Zombie Horror back on the map as well. Well judging from the new trailer for “Zombieland” it seems very possible maybe Hollywood has at least one last cool horror comedy left in them!

Yeah Zombieland looks fun as hell from the trailer and it also features Jesse Eisenberg as well in his second movie involving running around theme parks. Check out this out and find out what exactly made ol’ Woody into a real life slayer of the living dead!