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More Captain America News and New Tron: Legacy Trailer!

Well some people seemed to think that “The Office” star John Krasinski would be perfect cast as Captain America. I’m not quite sure if it was just because of his appeal from the show, his quirkiness or his acting chops. For me, though he seemed a familiar face and a funny guy just really couldn’t see him as Cap. So today I was a bit relieved when it was officially decided today that he is NOT going to be wielding the shield. For me I will take a sigh of relief. Really he’s the least douchey of all the candidates-so in the end perhaps who knows, maybe he would have been the best choice?

 But for now I have faith they will choose someone who screams “Cap” a little more. I heard as well that Chris Evans who played The Human Torch in the god-awful Fantastic Four flicks was up for the role as well now.  Personally I’m holding out for my first pic  “Tron Legacy” star Garrett Hedlund to snatch the role! I mean he’s in the Tron sequel with Jeff Bridges!! Oh yeah the new trailer for Tron:Legacy was also released-check it out here! 

Tron 2 Plot Revealed!

Ok well at least it’s not a remake but an actual sequel! Yeah there’s been some info released by Disney on the Tron 2: Legacy storyline and so far it sounds pretty fun plus it even has Jeff Bridges reprising his role. I know, does Tron really need a sequel? Well I guess the answer is yes. I did have fond memories of that movie as a kid and also got many hours of enjoyment from playing the video game back in the day! Now if only video games were as cool as they were back in the 80’s right? I know some people would beg to differ but really I just don’t have time these days to learn 100 different moves and work 15 different buttons on a controller. Whatever happened to video games that had like one knobby controller or a roller ball and a button?!! Something you could learn to play in a few minutes! Either way this will be one movie where the CG will be welcomed with open arms!! Check out the plot line below…

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