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Jean-Claude Van Damme like you’ve never seen him before…

Last night i checked out the new Jean-Claude Van Damme movie entitled “JCVD” and it was a very interesting watch to say the least. I am not even sure what inspired him to make a movie like this. What i will say is that Mr. Van Damme actually CAN act! This is no Bloodsport, Cyborg or Double Team (or whatever other direct to Dvd action flick he’s got out this month). In this movie which in French with subtitles, he plays himself. The washed up action hero looking for his next c-movie role, competing with Steven Segal for them and battling for custody of his child. A tired and aging Van Damme is hero in his home city of Brussels and famed for bringing “John Woo” to the USA. He reluctantly takes pictures with fans on the street and at the same time deals with his daughter being ashamed of his hokey acting career. This movie is very much what i really would picture his real life to be like. Then things take a twist as he enters a bank to have money wired to his lawyer for his child custody case.


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