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Bendis Involved With Spider-Man Reboot??

It seems there are some rumours flying about legendary Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis apparently getting involved with the new Spider-Man reboot film! This sounds like a step in the right direction right? I must admit I am a HUGE fan of some of Bendis’s work. Particularly his run on Daredevil which was absolutely epic. His Avengers run started out brilliantly but eventually just lost it’s charm and now today I’m not sure just how much I trust his judgement anymore. I better watch my words though here, beacause I see him around town here in Portland, where he resides, regularly riding his bike! That’s not to say he’s not one of the best comic story tellers of current times and I must admit I am quite happy to hear that he’s being involved somehow since he has been writing Ultimate Spider-Man for like a 10 years…

Bendis Tweeted this recently: Continue reading