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Best of VHS Box Art: ‘Creepers’ Still Makes My Skin Crawl!!!

It’s always great when you find a movie with cover art from the 1980’s that is just as awesome as the actual movie, it really doesn’t happen all that often. But today I wanted to showcase some vhs box art that’s just as killer as the actual movie. I watched for the first time Dario Argento’s ‘Phenomena’, the 116 minute cut the other night and it still stands as my fave Argento movie. Previously I’d only seen the heavily edited USA cut of the movie called ‘Creepers’ on VHS. One I distinctly remember back in the 80’s oogling at in the video stores as a kid like some forbidden fruit! It’s such a great piece of horror art and it inspired me to post an image of it today! Totally Metal too!!!! Iron Maiden & Motorhead! whoohoo!


Don’t ever forget about the SECTAURS!!

1984 was a good year cuz the Sectaurs RULED the toy scene! As a kid i just could not get enough of these guys. They were some of the coolest looking action figures around and had huge insects they rode around on. Plus they had a rad cartoon and Marvel even put out a nifty comic book too about these guys! If you had “The Hive”, which was pretty much a giant insectoid castle as a kid you were pretty much the talk of the neighborhood and if you were allowed to use the hand puppet spider to attack the other Sectaurs it was truely a special honor. Anyway if you never heard of these guys check out this comercial-it seems to me it was pretty much the BEST time to be a kid playing with toys in the 80’s….