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Hasselhoff’d Nick Fury Remembered!!

Could it be that I just blocked this incredible peice of tv cinema from my memory?? Is it possible that I have never seen the David Hasselhoff “Nick Fury” movie before?? Yes. Apparently the Nick Fury movie came out in 1998 and was made for tv-perhaps my mind just refused at the time to register this? Well whatever the case I need to check this out as soon as possible!

 From this lengthy trailer it appear that this one could be a real golden turd! I mean how could this one have slipped under the radar for so many years?? Well truth be told here I kinda dig Hoff in the role-at least appearance-wise.

 Anyway I am off to ebay to find this one and hopefully it will live up to all of my expectations as bad movie GOLD….. 

A Sneak Peek at Cap’s Costume!

Today at TMT I saw a glimpse of what the costume of Captain America will look like in the new movie! Now keep in mind this picture is of a stuntman on a motorcycle-NOT Chris Evans! So if the suit looks a little clunky and weird that’s why. So far I like what I am seeing-even from the stuntman’s costume I can tell they have taken it in the right direction.

The simple fact that the first movie is based on his origin during World War II is incredibly exciting. The fact it has been described as being very Indiana Jones-esque too is music too my ears. The fact that he’ll be fighting a bunch of fucked of Nazi’s too is even better news-because what better villains are there really than a bunch of crazy Nazi’s getting an ass whoopin’? Continue reading