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Obscure Super Hero Movies! Hunky Vegetables!

Ok so this isn’t really that obscure of a movie, but I do know that a good number of my friends have never actually seen 1989’s Return of the Swamp Thing!!! What the hell is up with that? You do see the original Swamp Thing movie all over the place but very rarely do you see the sequel, which is actually kind of a reboot. So I say to all you people there that love super radly bad 80’s movie’s that you best be seeking this gem out!

This box office bomb has it all really, super awesome 1980’s monsters are everywhere in this movie and even better they are throwin’ down with each other constantly! Continue reading

Guillermo Del Toro to Remake The Swamp Thing?

Well no actually, but wouldn’t that be awesome?!? It occured to me last night as I threw in Wes “Scre4m” Craven’s Swamp Thing last night before I hit the sack that there are some movies that I’d welcome a remake for provided they have the right director attached-Swamp thing is one such movie.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the ridiculous vibe of the original Swamp thing or even the more campy (if you can believe that) Swamp Thing 2 Continue reading