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1-900-MONSTER! The Best 80’s Halloween Horror Hotline!!

Dang, sometimes I reaaaallly miss the 1980’s! They were such a fun time to be a kid especially around this time of year for the Halloween season! So here’s a little totally radical blast from the past, an awesome 1980’s horror hotline 1-900-Monster!! Yep back in the 80’s we had to be super creative because we didn’t have shit like smart phones and the internet to distract us 24-7! If we wanted to spend our time obsessing over a telephone it was over shit like 1-900-Monster and it was a parents worst nightmare-because this shit was expensive-it was 2 bucks for the first minute and an additional 50 cents every minute after that! Yeah and once you got a demon on the phone you better believe you were gonna listen to what he had to say!! Check this awesome vid out and stick around for the incredible short Halloween segment that follows, ah the memories…

The Grinch’s Halloween Special Prequel?!

Call me severely uninformed, but I just discovered today that Dr.  The Suess’ The Grinch had a holiday special before the classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”! Yep-The Grinch was grumpy as hell in the 1977 prequel “Halloween is Grinch Night”. Maybe this is common knowledge for most people but I had no idea the Grinch had a Halloween special-that won an Emmy!


The Grinch is once again a total dick to the people of Whoville and this gives us all a little more insight to his back story-so if you, like me, never knew the Grinch first “celebrated” Halloween then feast your eyes on this cool little forgotten cartoon….I still can’t believe I never saw this one!

Classic Halloween Looney Toons!

When I was a kid I was crazy about Bugs Bunny! To this day many of the cartoons are absolutely hilarious though not the the most PC. Well it’s good to know that I can still watch Bugs Bunny anytime I want thanks to Youtube!

One thing I always loved during Halloween was watching all the cartoons and specials you’d see on tv all month! I came across this amazing Bugs classics today as I combed Youtube for cool halloween specials I used to love as a kid. These cartoons were also featured on a Looney Toons Halloween special back in the 80’s.  It still makes me laugh and brings back a time when all we dreamed of was putting on your costume, trick or treating, eating candy and watching cartoons all night! Sit back and relax because these are halloween classics..

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