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Ridley Scott speaks on the Alien prequel!

So obviously I am completely pumped on the Alien prequel that Ridley Scott has in the works! I mean the original director doing the prequel to one of the best Sci Fi films ever in this day and age?? I really never thought it would happen. Now we can really get back to business with not only the Predator but now the Alien as well. I know I could get alot of shit for this but I actually enjoyed the AVP movies! But now I also liked Freddy Vs. Jason too! Yeah just some dumb fun really that some people took just too damn seriously! Anyway having Ridley back leading the franchise in the right direction again has had alot of people wondering some of the secrets of the new upcoming movie.

 Here’s some stuff I found out over at BloodyDigusting.com via MTV straight from Scott Himself: Continue reading

Great News For The Alien!

It has recently come to my attention that they are making another “Alien” movie! Yeah I know what you are all thinking-what movie franchises are they NOT remaking or making a sequel for? Well this new Alien will not be a remake but a prequel. Ok well if that is not cool enough how about the fact that Ridley Scott who directed the very first Alien is on board to direct?! Yeah it’s true and I really think this is the way to go with these sequels that are beginning to pop up all over movie land. The movies plot according to Bloodydisgusting.com  so far goes like this:


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