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The Guyver…Live Action Anime for Everyone!

While digging through some old VHS tapes the other day, I encountered one of the best 90’s sci-fi movies…that I had completely forgot about…Shame on me!  It was a decrepit old copy of Guyver 2: Dark Hero.  As with many of our movie refreshes/reviews, you are probably once again saying to yourself “I have never even heard of this!”   Well consider yourself blessed, cause here is some background on one hell of a great movie!

Guyver 2 Dark Hero Movie Poster

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This last weekend we all got together to watch some of the most awful terds ever filmed! Yes it was officially Bad Movie Night at my pad and we rocked it hard with some truely terrible cinema. Here’s what was on the menu with a few highlights to give you an idea exactly what we were up against:

1. First up was the mega clunker sci-fi shit-fest from 1990 called “THE GUYVER”.


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