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Oh How I Miss Super Joe & The Gang!!

I was having a flashback today of one of my favorite toy lines of all time! Hasbro’s Super Joe!!! Yeah Super Joe Adventure Team was the absolute shit back in the late 1970’s, I owned these as a kid and they still remain some of the most cool toys of time in my opinion. Ok so I may be a bit partial because of the nostalgia factor, but you gotta admit they are some pretty rad vintage action figures!


I still have Terron back in storage at my parents house. Super Joe could stop the monster reptile Terron in his tracks by shining a light at him, it perplexed and amazed me back then and still does! Don’t even get me started on how in love I was with Gor! So in honor of these awesome action figures, here’s some cool pics I found and some commercials from 1977/78!

super joe

Terron! I made him fight my Giant Godzilla all the time too, those were some epic battles!!


In action!!!

The mighty GOR!



I STILL Love Gore & Stretch Monster!!

Check out this old photo of me.

Not much has changed except how much better the toys were back when i was a kid! “Gor” From the Super GI Joe series by Hasbro was one of my faves and next to him “Stretch Monster” the ultimate nemesis of “Stretch Armstrong”. You can clearly see how much i loved these two green monsters! Too bad my brother tore Stretch Monster apart revealing his sticky gooey insides-man i am not sure if i will ever recover from that one…