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Are you ready for Gremlins 3 in 3-D??

Rumors are running wild now about another old classic movie franchise getting some life blown back into it! This time it’s Gremlins that’s supposedly getting a third installment. To me this is already sounding like a bad idea. It could just be because the original Gremlins has a special nostalgic place in my heart as I am sure it does to many other people. It doesn’t however surprise me in the least that this film is reportedly in the early stages of development. With the arrival of  Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (which I personally enjoyed, the direct to video Lost Boys 2 (which was just a shame direct to dvd flaming turd), George Lucas recently saying after seeing Avatar he’d like to remake Star Wars (please noooo!) and recent news of Ghostbusters 3 it was only a matter of time before Gremlins caught the same trend.

The problems I am see so far is that first off,  none of the original cast has yet been asked back. Continue reading