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New Walking Dead Tv Spot!

AMC has just released a brand new Tv spot for the new Walking Dead series coming this Halloween today!! Yeah I have hyped the shit out of it here so I’ll just shut up and post it! If you haven’t heard about this show or comic book you must be living in a cave. This makes me even more excited for this show than I was before… 

The Walking Dead Trailer Arrives!!

Ok so here’s the moment I have been waiting for quite some time to finally see some of the upcoming scenes from The Walking Dead television series debuting this coming October!

The comic series continues to be the best monthly title out there-with enough suspense, gore and drama to give you a coronary!! The trailer looks fantastic so far-however I am extremely surprised that they kept the 28 Days Later style beginning as that is the only thing that ever really bothered me about the comic.  So enough of my preachy blabblin’ to the choir! Let’s finally take a first look at this hopefully wonderful series that is destined to be a classic!!  

Walking Dead Tv Exclusive!!

Ok I just ran into an awesome exclusive on set visit to the Walking Dead Tv series over at Bloody-Disgusting check it out here for the scoop on what’s happening with this highly anticipated zombie epic!! It’s sounding liek it’s shaping up to be the best series ever and the only one of it’s kind! Below is yet another new still of one of the zombies appearing on the show-I must say these zombies are some of the best I’ve seen. I just wanted to make sure no of you miss any dirt on this one…

The Walking Dead:Beautiful Zombies!

Ok all of my doubts are officially gone about the upcoming television adaptation of The Walking Dead. I just recently saw some of the stills taken for this epic series and it literally blew my mind!! I checked them out at Bloody Disgusting and thought I really needed to put a few of them up here in case anyone had any doubts on just how cool this show is shaping up to be. First off the this image here of Rick Grimes walking on the highway practically gave me the chills upon first sight. Andrew Lincoln who’s playing Rick looks fantastic-don’t you think??

This makes me kinda wonder exactly how this tv series is going to start off. Will they choose to use the 28 Days Later Beginning?? I am crossing my fingers that the answer is no. I think that opening could turn alot of people off from the tv show-to be honest the first time I read the Walking Dead, at least issue one, I simply passed it off as some cheap Image rip-off comic that was cranked out to jump on the zombie bandwagon. Well shortly thereafter I was encouraged to read the whole first trade while at the comic shop. The clerk even promised me that if I gave it another shot and still didn’t like it I could bring the trade back for a full refund. I read the first six isssues and was hooked ever since.

Anyway there are some amazing pictures here as well they posted of the the actual zombies appearing on the show Continue reading

The Walking Dead Officially Filming!

Hell yeah! The news on the street is that Frank Darbont is offically finally filming the first 6 epsiodes of The Walking Dead as I type this! The best comic book series out there is, I guarantee it, going to become the best tv series ever. They couldn’t have found a better director either as Darabont knows how to give the tension the tv series will need to become a masterpiece. The Mist is good proof of what he can do, I mean quite honestly the cgi used in that film was pretty damn pathetic yet the acting and direction was so well done it made me forget how fake everything looked.

I also read on at Bloody Disgusting that Darabont is basing alot of the zombie action on the original Night of the Living Dead. Continue reading

The Walking Dead TV Series Pilot!

So the word on the street the past couple days is all about The Walking Dead! As reported by Variety it seems that the project is even closer now to hitting the small screen as AMC has greenlit a pilot!

I must say I am more than pumped by this move as the comic has got to be the best out there hitting the shelves. I have made comparisons to people of The Walking dead being the comic book equivalent to “LOST” as once you start reading you just can’t stop. I am pretty sure that this show is going to be absolutely huge as there has never ever been a show like it. Plus having just recently rewatched “The Mist” which Frank Darabont directed as well this news seems that much more exciting. Having him directing is going to make this show pretty amazing. Let’s face it the creatures in The Mist looked pretty bad, but the way he handled the human interaction was brilliant and exactly what a show like The Walking Dead needs. This is what was recently reported:

“THE WALKING DEAD’s road to the small screen has been a long one, but so far it’s looking like the best of all worlds,” creator and writer Robert Kirkman said. Continue reading

The Walking Dead: AMC purchases the rights for a TV series!!


It’s just been announced that the cable network AMC, has purchased the rights to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, for a potential television series. Already on board for the show are Frank Darabont (Oscar-nominated writer of ‘the Green Mile’ and ‘the Shawshank Redemption’) who’s been hired to write, direct and executive produce, and Gale Anne Hurd, who’s set to executive produce as well.

This is extremely promising. Besides the notable names already attached, AMC has also been putting out great shows recently like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. They also are responsible for the most popular horror-movie themed marathon on TV today, their annual Fear Fest that shows around Halloween.

I for one, would love to see it shot in black and white, but that seems unlikely.