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Junkyard: A Truly Breathtaking Animated Short!

Check out this animated short film that was just  released online today called “Junkyard” by Dutch animator Hisko Hulsing. It’s easily some of the most breathtaking animation I’ve seen in quite some time. Here’s the trailer:

It recalls Ralph Bakshi in style by utilizing rotoscoping as in movies like The Lord of the Rings” and “Fire & Ice”. This is a pretty powerful little film clocking in under 18 minutes in length. Check it out in it’s entirety HERE!


Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! Greatest Cartoon Brawls: Part 3!

If you have NEVER seen Fire & Ice you better run to the video store immediately or head to Netflix! This has got to be one of the coolest animated movies ever made! Created in the 80’s by Ralph Bakshi & the legendary Frank Frazetta this has got to be one of the greatest fantasy epics ever.

Amazing animation, ultra violent and full of cool monsters this cartoon will blow your mind! Continue reading