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Amazing Animated Short Shorts! The Hulk Runs Out of Toilet Paper!

I just discovered three of the most kick ass animated short films yesterday, I liked them so much that I had to share them here. Now don’t get me wrong I love the new Pixar type animation, I really do, but I still have a soft spot for the old school type animated cartoons. You know the ones that look like they were hand drawn. Well I seemed to have hit the jackpot with these three little cartoons!

David Stodonly has animated at Dreamworks for about ten years now and done films like “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Kung Fu Panda 2 & How to Train Your Dragon” to name a few. Here in these shorts he’s decided to animate some crazy great shorts old school style by drawing by hand and his style and fluid movement reminds me of one of my faves, Don Bluth. Check these out and demand he create more!
The first one is right up my alley as it’s about a little everyday occurance that turns Banner into The Hulk!

The Hunger Games…which is quite Bizarre!

Finally a completely awesome Harry Potter cartoon..

Asia’s Answer to Snow White…Oh & Superman Too!

I was watching some old cartoons today starting out with some of the awesome Max Fleischer animated Superman stuff. I hadn’t even realized that the animation was based on rotoscoping, which is essentially tracing over real actors to get the smooth real life movements into cartoon form. That explains a lot as to why those Superman cartoons feel so damn special. I knew that technique was employed by Ralph Bakshi for many of his films but had no idea that Fleischer was the originator of that style. Shows how much I know huh?

Well this also lead me to another amazing cartoon, Princess Iron Fan which was Asia’s first feature length animated film. They too used the rotoscope style of animation back in 1941.

What we get as a result is one truly breath taking little film. Directly influenced by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the films directors, The Wan Brothers tried to rival it with this Chinese epic. Check it out…

Later in 1966 we got this awesome live action version-Amazing!!