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The Official Jared Leto “Juggalo” Joker: Totally SUCKS!

I just had to take a second quick to say that I hate this Jared Leto Joker. Totally Sucks!! Maybe the worst thing ever? Totally idiotic. A Nu-Metal/Rap Metal band from the year 2000 is missing their lead singer. The lovechild of Lil Wayne, Fred Durst and Marilyn Manson and some drunk Juggalos. The real Joker has class and a cool ass purple suit. Every second I look at this stupid ass picture I get more angry….AAAARG! Please give it up Hollywood….

Ok enough about that….

Yeah we totally INSANE BRO!! ICP wit da muddafukin’ JOKA!! Muddafukin’ FAAAAYGO time Beeeyatches!!! Muddafukin’ Juggalo Jared jump around like a muddafukin’ lunatic!! Craaaazy clown ass crackas!!!!


Oh yeah and check this rad video out, it pretty much explains it ALL!!

News by the M*thaf#ckin’ Juggalos!

It’s friday and there’s really not too much to report on! Well wait now, that’s not entirely true as our best buddies the Juggalos, who if you must know are loyal fans to the Insane Clown Posse, have some serious news to report to you!  Check out these Faygo drinkin’ fanatics as they give you the most up to date, worldly information about what’s going on in the headline! It’s about time these critical thinkers finally get their own TV station!