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Herve Villechaize: The Pop Star?!

I’ve loved the show Fantasy Island when I was a kid, it always managed to scare the shit out of me! You know I’ve recently watched several episodes of the show again and it still totally holds up. A super cool concept and a killer cast-which brings me to one of it’s legendary characters “Tattoo” played by Herve Villachaize. He etched the phrase “Ze plane, ze plane” into people’s minds for all of eternity!

But a little known fact about Herve was that back in 1980 he had a small musical career too! Yep in the middle of his incredible success with Fantasy Island he recorded a single for Epic Records. Turns out Herve was also quite a crooner with some seriously rad style.

The single featured two tracks “Why” & “When a Child is Born” unfortunately the songs didn’t catapult Herve to arena tours with Michael Jackson and the song ‘Why’ was released again and included on the Epic records compilation “Children of the World”. Here’s some live footage of Herve gettin’ down with his attempted pop hit ‘Why’!

After that as the popularity of Fantasy Island continued to grow Herve’s ego also reportedly began to grow too. He was said to be quite demanding and difficult to work with insisting that he be paid equally with Ricardo Montalban’s salary. He ended up getting fired from the show and his star power proved quite relevant as the show’s following dwindled during a final season with no Tattoo. Hunt down his Epic single if you dare!

Still haven’t had enough? Well here’s some more Herve killin’ it live again!!


R.I.P. Ricardo “Khan” Montalban

I haven’t been online in a couple days and was just informed by my friend at The Offical Star Trek Convention myspace page that Ricardo Montalban passed away Wednesday. He was 88. Ricardo was most famous for his role of “Khan Noonen Singh” who he first played in the 1967 Star Trek episode “The Space Seed” (one of the all-time best) and later reprising that role in one of sci-fi’s greatest movies, “Star Trek 2: the Wrath of Khan”. Ricardo was also a star of one of my all time favorite TV shows “Fantasy Island” where he played the role of the legendary “Mr. Rourke”. You will be missed Mr. Montalban…

Ricardo Montalban as Khan from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.