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New JAWS in the Water! Piranha Trailer hits!

I have been waiting sometime for the Alex Aja’s remake of Piranha and now the trailer has finally officially hit! One reason why I have been so pumped is because it seems Mr. Aja has made some pretty excellent horror films in his short career. The first being “High Tension” which was pretty awesome, The Hills Have Eyes remake which was also great and the not so fantastic Mirrors starring Kiefer Sutherland. Hey two out of three ain’t bad!


Anyway I know that 3-D movies now a days are a dime a dozen these days Continue reading

Would the REAL Karate Kid Please Stand Up?!

Here it is the new trailer to the remake of the Karate Kid, a movie that I refuse to see! Wasn’t The Next Karate Kid with Hilary Swank bad enough? Now we have a remake of probably one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time. Not to mention one of the best 80’s movies ever. Luckily they changed the names of the main characters. I would blow my top if Jaden Smith was Daniel Laruso and Jackie Chan was Mr. Miagi!!

From the preview it appears to follow a very similar story as the original. Continue reading