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Ho-Ho-Holiday Horror Movies You May Have Missed!

It’s December 2016 is a time for some serious holiday celebration! Sure I’ll be watching a ton of the usual classics like Santa Claus: The Movie, Elf, Rudolph, Gremlins etc etc. However I’m going to be busting out the Christmas horror movies again this of course and hopefully here I’ll be able to give you a few ideas of some movies to check out if you’re feeling like mixing it up a bit this year. We all know about the classics like Black Christmas, Silent Night Deadly Night, last years instant classic Krampus. Well here’s a few you may have never heard of but you should definitely seek out this season!

3615 code Pere Noel / AKA ‘Deadly Games’ (1989)

A true lost & forgotten gem of a movie. If you search the net for Christmas Horror movies, you for some crazy reason won’t find this one on any of the lists. However this french film, which I first saw last year, is easily one of the best Christmas horror movies of all time. It’s a rare one and finding a version of it with subtitles can be pretty difficult, I got a copy off of Ioffer.com.

Searching this one out is totally worth it though as it plays out like the ultimate 80’s Amblin style “Home Alone” hybrid of a film. It screams of the 1980’s and features a super cool kid obsessed with action movies who lives in a gigantic castle style mansion. During a snow storm on Christmas eve, he finds himself home alone with his grandfather where the house becomes under siege by a crazed maniac who is convinced he’s Santa Claus & is hell bent on punishing all those who’ve been naughty. This one deserves a proper release and then it rightly deserves to be a new addition on ALL Christmas horror lists.


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Death Metal, a Catholic Priest, Tv Guru & Satan’s son….

What? You’ve never seen “The Day of the Beast” before? I recently rewatched this awesome quirky spanish horror comedy and it was just as good as the first time! This movie from 1995 was directed by Alex De La Iglesia and is just a plain fun as hell time. The plot is simple. Father Cura discovers that the antichrist will be born on Christmas Eve and sets out on a mission to stop it it from happening. He also decides that in order to make contact and become closer with the devil he must commit as many sins as he can within the next 24 hours . But this priest can’t do it alone. He employs the help of a self proclaimed satan worshipin’ death metal head record store clerk named Jose Maria and the dark sleezy tv psychic guru named Cavan.

the day of the beast

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