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Take Me To Unicorn City Please!

Being a big fan of D&D, LARP-ing has always been a serious curiosity of mine. I hope someday to actually try it for real as it’s become quite popular over the years. However what is the real reason why it’s gotten so much attention? To me it’s apparent that it’s an easy thing to poke fun at. Yeah I do see how silly it is, I mean grown women and men playing pretend in the forest. To me though it looks like a great time and a great escape from this mundane world we currently inhabit.

This form of entertainment has been featured in quite a few films, like “Role Models”, documentaries like “Monster Camp” a more serious thriller in the awesome “Wild Hunt” and even popular music videos (Red Fang). So let’s add another comedy to the list the upcoming “Unicorn City”.

Even if it’s another tear on LARP-ers it’s still getting the word out there and getting me a step closer to some day try it for myself! Check out the trailer!

Chris Dane Owens and his blue eyes star in Awesome Music Video.

Wow, recently I was turned on to a great music video by some guy I had never heard of named “Chris Dane Owens“.  A friend of mine sent me this video as a joke and I have to say it is pretty funny.  But then I took a closer look at it and all of a sudden I was really into it and borderline obsessing over it.  I watched the video over and over.  The catchy faux funk baseline over some epic, drawn out guitar lines and vocal melodies had me hooked.  But what had me more hooked was the story-line, A FANTASY ADVENTURE starring himself, a lady, a Dr. Doom type villain, several groups of 3 hot ladies, his knife throwing buddy, another buddy, an older buddy, and a fleet of fire welding dragons.  Take a look for yourself.

This video now gets me all stoked like watching Lord of the Rings.  But what can I say, I’m a sucker for fantasy adventure stories, especially when they involve medieval funk grooves.  Who is this “Chris Dane Owens”?  I did a little research and this is what I found out. Continue reading