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Automata: Antonio Banderas Shows The Fresh Prince How to do The Robot!!!

Been really digging what I have seen lately on the the upcoming “Automata” trailer starring Antonio Banderas! Can you believe it? I have a bit of a soft spot now for Antonio after seeing him in the latest Expendables movie, where he totally stole the show. Now we all can officially forget about the terrible pile of robotic bull shit that was I, Robot from 2004, you know the one with The Fresh Prince prancin’ around like a wise ass dipshit?! Here we have something that really looks quite a bit closer to Isaac Asimov’s vision, at least by the trailer, which is quite impressive.

It for starters blends some amazing special fx both digital and practical the way that it should have been done in the first place. Second it looks like it’s got a bit more heart and mind to it as well and even reminds me a bit of Blade Runner in the best ways possible. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for this check it out, this looks like Sci-Fi done just the way I like it…

District 9 is an Easy 10!

This is not an in-depth review of District 9, this blogger is just not going to attempt on this one. Nor do I want to spoil any of the magic. But hear me now!

Go see District 9 immediately…if you love Sci-Fi, this is hands down one of the best Sci-Fi movie of the last decade.

Not since Enemy Mine has a movie had such an impact on me. The message of the movie is pretty simple to read from the trailer…but the execution is glorious.

Yes, there is CG, but it is damn near flawless.

In the age of remakes, prequels, sequels, re-imagining, or unearthing classics…this is a truly original work of art.

I can’t say enough about this movie. A 10 out of 10…no question.

Get Prepared for the next REAL summer blockbuster!

So this summer so far we’ve had some blockbusters right? Some downright awesome summer movies that just blew you away?! Ones that you will remember for years to come? I remember the first time I saw Jurassic Park. It literally blew my mind! That was a summer blockbuster alright. I am still totally amused by that movie though I have seen it like a hundred times.


So what have we had here in 2009?

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