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The Last American Virgin: John Hughes on Crack!

Wow yesterday I watched a movie that seriously perplexed me! The movie in question is 1982’s The Last American Virgin, which I thought was going to be a relatively innocent John Hughes / Revenge of the Nerds style rip off film. We I must say this movie is just downright fucked! First off I have to mention the movie has a pretty amazing 80’s soundtrack-Devo, The Cars, Blondie U2 and about a billion other 80’s new wave bands have songs in this film which almost plays like one long music video. It starts off as just a bad 80’s teen comedy-kinda like American Pie set in ’82.

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Yeah the New Devo Rocks….

So yesterday the new Devo album was released and it’s pretty rad. Their first album in 20 years, “Something For Everybody”┬ásounds like they picked up exactly where they left off in the 80’s!

If you still aren’t convinced check out these vids and I’m sure you’ll be picking up the album immediately. Devo┬áhas always been a dork’s dream band and they continue to be in 2010!

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