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The Power Lords Ruled!

I was recently thinking again about all the cool toys I loved as a kid and still do til this day and the awesome Power Lords by Revell jumped into my head! These guys were so cool and aside from being very detailed many of them were also two sided! Meaning you basically had two charcters in one! My favorite of them was Adam Power, shown in the pic below.

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Jonah Hex Movie, Adding up to WHAT!?!??!

Somebody please help me with this tricky story problem! If you have one deformed bounty hunter searching for a Voodoo doctor trying to raise an army of the undead and you add one really hot chick, a little bit of John Malkovich and have a metal band score the movie…WTF do you get??? Apparently this is the vision for the new Jonah Hex movie that is set for release in June 2010. Please read on.

Hex Poster
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Silver and Swamp Thing in 3D, Just Rumors?

This dork recently learned that Joel Silver is considering a remake of Swamp Thing…yeah, in 3D. At first I threw up my arms and yelled “No! Not Joel Silver!” But then I sat back and reviewed his list of contributions over the years. After my meditation time with the list I realize there were a lot of good, a lot of bad…and some downright ugly. Here is a list that I know I have seen over the years, and my preference. Please feel free to debate!

Swamp Thing

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Justin Timberlake rumoured to star as the Green Lantern….

Hmmm….so I have heard a rumour that pop star Justin Timberlake is reportedly been considered to wear the emerald power ring on the big screen. Acccording to Aint It Cool News  they have begun screen testing for the role of the Green Lantern and it appears that Timberlake is in the running. I wonder what the Guardians of the Universe would think about this huh? I could think of about two dozen people that would make a better Green Lantern than Timberlake but then again what do I know I am just some nerd with a blog about comic books and Sci Fi with “The Beyonder” at the top of our website as our mascot!


 Anyway this is what they had to say about it:

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The Super Powers Collection withstands the test of time!

Anyone remember DC’s Super Powers Collection action figures from the 80’s? They were probably the best action figures ever! They today still look amazing and there were soooo many of them. They made figures of some pretty obscure characters too. My favorites were The Red Tornado, the Joker, Penguin, Brainiac and the Flash but they were all pretty amazing really.


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BATMAN & Boner from growing pains = AWESOME!!

I am posting this just in case some of you out there have never seen this! It was made by some one at the Stan Winston studio a few years back and features “Boner” from Growing Pains as The Joker! Personally i think this version of the Joker & Batman are the closest we have seen on film to how they look in the comics. I always hoped in the major motion pictures they would have given Batman this classic look instead of the armor like suits he has always donned. Anyway if you have never seen this check it out and be warned of the strange twist the movie takes (i guess it makes sense that this was someone from Stan Winstons’ studio when you see who the guest stars are). If you have seen it already enjoy it again one more time…