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It’s a Day of the Dead Stop Motion Animation Nightmare!!

The spookiness doesn’t stop after Halloween! Nope it’s The Day of the Dead today so check out this super incredible stop motion animation short  from 2002 by Kirk Kelley “Dia De Los Muertos”!

It’s an awesome little nightmarish vision that will surely get you into the mood to party with the dead! I think he brilliantly captures the spirit of it all…



Captain Kirk Vs Miley Cyrus?!!

Whoa what could possibly disgust Captain James T. Kirk so much?


Well watch what happens when the USS Enterprise goes face to face with Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke?! These two are more of a threat to the Enterprise than Khan or any Klingon- Check it out! I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while….This whole Miley Cyrus twerking thing doesn’t say much for the intellegence of our race here on earth. We all know she’s trying to make her lame music somewhere by rubbing her scuzzy ass rear end all over Alan Thicke’s mentally challenged son! Talk about serious growing pains! Jeez people are more concerned about these talentless pop star nimrods behavior than a possibility of the United States starting war with Syria! I guess it’s no use  as we can’t change the behavior of our lame ass Gov’t or these idiotic pop star douche bags who somehow get force fed to us daily by the media-so if you can’t beat em’ join em’ I guess, or at least give them major shit!

1970’s Raquel Welch Space Boogie….sigh…

Here’s just a reminder that Raquel Welch was a geeks dream come true way back in the 1960’s and 1970’s obviously for roles in movies like One Million Years B.C. and Fantastic Voyage was one of my all time faves as a kid!

Well anyway check her out as she leads a couple stylin’ alien dudes with her sci fi space lady dance ensemble!
Pretty rad space age fashion back from this 1970 clip I am sure Captain Kirk went crazy for her-get down!!

The Technicolor Nightmare Pt. 2: SUPER XUXA VS. SATAN!!!

Anyone who braves through JIMMY, THE BOY WONDER (the subject of Technicolor Nightmare 1) can theoretically tolerate a little singing and dancing. But where JIMMY is creepy as hell, XUXA is cuter than a sugar turd on a neon birthday cake.

SUPER XUXA VS. SATAN (A. Penido, 1988)


Xuxa Meneghel is a bonafide Brazilian superstar whose fame derives from a series of strange family films in the eighties. Some of my male friends have characterized her as “hot”. This film is the copycat little sister to LABYRINTH.

Super Xuxa, blonde and billowing with butt cleavage in a mini jumper, slathers joy like hair mayo everywhere she goes. Continue reading

Corey feldman + michael Jackson = Disaster.

It seems Corey Feldman has been back in the news again recently with the passing of his ol’ buddy and idol Michael Jackson. I’m sure everyone remembers his phase in the late 80’s when he dressed exactly like him and danced around in “Dream A Little Dream”. I must say the sight of him dancing in that scene in that movie kinda made me wanna vomit though the movie is still a bit of a guilty pleasure. Something that some people don’t really know as much about though is his singing career he tried to launch in the late 80’s and early 90’s. This really just has to be seen to be believed. Sure he had some of those MJ killer dance moves down pretty well but when you put a microphone in his hand (or even listen to his lip sync his pre-recorded song) it becomes a whole different story! So sit back and relax while Mr. Feldman takes the stage with some of the worst pop songs in history…

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